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CMD Muse

The Muse Collaborative promotes excellence in, expression through, and appreciation for the hip-hop arts.

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Camden Fireworks

Camden FireWorks is a community-based arts organization in the Waterfront South district of Camden.

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EJM Foundation

The Erik James Montgomery Foundation creates photographic public art to inform the entire world about the world they live in. Additionally, the adolescents in our programs learn important strategies to overcome low self-esteem, unrealistic self image and sub-standard academic scores. This is accomplished through short and long-term workshops held at public schools, ​professional photography studios, correctional facilities, churches and community centers.​

Enterprise Eleven

At Enterprise Eleven, we are more than a digital marketing agency – we're your growth partners in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With a deep understanding of the interconnected worlds of technology, creativity, and strategy, we thrive on transforming your digital aspirations into thriving realities.

Idea Center for the Arts

As an arts education and creative learning organization, the mission of The Institute for the Development of Education in the Arts (IDEA) is to connect underserved youth and their families to the life affirming quality of the arts.

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